❝ I have to look after me and be good to myself. To be precise, that means for me: I have to stop pushing constantly the self-destruction-button. I have to find something …. (he pauses and tries to find words). It is just love, I think. To carry love in yourself. To try to better understand your inner self, to protect yourself better and to look after yourself. There are many things in me, that I don’t understand, that are too much for me. Basically that means to me, I have finally to meet my life, instead of running away. ❞


"The first track is kind of celebratory, but then it starts to get dark from track 2 onwards"

1-2/20 gifs of Brian Molko.
➥ If you deny this, then it’s your fault.


 I love the fact that you know, for example, you don’t really see people moan or cry so much with snot dripping down their face. When you have a crying scene, people have their makeup on and look nice, but in life we are all ugly sometimes—whether you’re you’re making love or fighting, etc.—and what’s important is just the beauty of the situation and the act. Sometimes when you cry you can be dignified but it’s also just honest.

Adèle Exarchopoulos